Phew, thank goodness. Clouds. Finally.


We thought it might never cool down again. Oppressive, atypical heat was the topic of the day, every day, for at least a week. A week! Each day started out okay, with everyone hoping against hope the early morning fog would stick around but man, come afternoon it was the same old story.


Sunshine and nothing but searing hot sunshine, blaring down relentlessly upon the tortured, panting souls below.

A friend of mine expressed it best when he signed off an email with: “Can you believe this weather? Great if you want to stay inside with the blinds shut but sucks if you want to do anything outside!!!”

Oof, I’ll say. Nonetheless, John and I scheduled an afternoon pickleball match with another couple and between each game, our two opponents dashed to the nearest shady spot to down copious amounts of water and gasp, over and over, “It’s so hot. It’s so hot.”

thermometerOut of curiosity, once we got home I checked online to see what the high temperature had been that day and wow, no wonder they were suffering so.

We’d just spent an hour-and-a-half outside, in the very hottest part of the afternoon, while the mercury soared to an unthinkable 76 degrees Fahrenheit. I know, I know. I’m stunned not one of us had keeled over from heatstroke. It was like the bowels of hell out there….

You’ve got to love people in Northwestern Washington, you really do. They’re kind of hilarious when it comes to heat. Or their perception of it, anyway. Back in Texas, 76 degrees is a nice, cool autumn day.

Thing is, after living up here well over a year now, I know we’re slowly morphing into Northwestern Washingtonians ourselves. We were perspiring, too, no doubt about it. And after the match, I found myself thinking about the jar of ice cold homemade pickles my friend Terri had surreptitiously slipped inside my car during a prior pickleball game.


At that time, when temperatures peaked at a much more reasonable mid-60s, the pickles themselves were the appreciated gift. On the 76-degree day, however, a jar full of frozen squid tentacles would have made me just as happy as refrigerator pickles. Either one would have been equally cooling pressed against a sweaty brow.

Yet, as written on the label, a jar of pickleball pickles seems a whole lot more appropriate than a jar of pickleball squid. We weren’t playing squidball, after all.

That gives me an idea though:  changing the name of the sport might influence Terri’s choice of future surprise gifts. Like maybe rarebottleofwineball, or freshmainelobsterball. And I sure wouldn’t argue with newwardrobeball or myownpersonalchefball. Heck, tenfreefullbodymassagegiftcertificateball sounds pretty good too.

Oh wait, I’ve got it. Next time we play, we’re calling it goldbarball. I don’t see how that would be a problem. Terri’s a good pal, always willing to share with a friend.

Still, on those sweltering 76-degree days, I wonder if it’d be too much to ask her to chill it first?


20 thoughts on “Heatwave

  1. Too cute! I was actually thinking about you this weekend as Gerald and I drove past your turnoff on the way to tour a NEW subdivision….Travissa. It will eventually be 2500 new homes. How depressing.

    We actually got 4 1/2 inches of rain early Saturday morning that thankfully watered and cooled down everything. I was giddy! Heading for 100 degrees later this week. Enjoy your weather!

    Sent from my iPad


    • Wow, that’s a darn nice rain. Crazily enough, we need some here too. Never thought I’d say this but…send some of your water from the sky our way, Betty!

    • Nutty, isn’t it? It’s all we can do not to laugh out loud when folks up here complain about it — because, yes, a hoot indeed!

  2. 76? How in the world can someone from TX end up with 76 degree days? I hate to think one day I’ll move where winter clothes really mean the need for boots! Enjoy. Still miss you guys and those wonderful veggies. Page

    Sent from my iPad

    • Isn’t that wild, Page? And believe it or not, even we feel the heat now (a little) when it nears 80. The nice thing, though, is we don’t need boots where we are. It rarely snows. Only twice last winter and each time, it melted by the end of the day. Now THAT I can live with.

    • It’s something what a relief it can be, isn’t it? Even when the high was a measly 76. Thanks for the comment, mamashauna!

  3. Poor Baby!! We can only hope and pray that your suffering from that awful 76 degree weather will pass very soon. Joe and I were thinking about you two and missing you this past weekend. We had no idea you’ve been suffering so! Please hang in there, Jo! It won’t last forever.

    Love ya!

    • Oh man, Debbie, we needed that. There’s nothing like a good dose of sympathy to ease the suffering. Miss you too, and love right back at ya!

  4. Well it is too bad that you are doing thru a heat wave. We ware sitting here thanking some god or the other that it has not gotten to 100 yet this year. It actually rained 4 inches last week and the humidity has stuck around to make it feel like l03 but at least it rained.

    stay cool Douglas

    • I’ve heard you’re yet to reach 100 down there. That must be some sort of record! And rain…oooh, wonderful wonderful rain. So glad it fell on you, Douglas, and you stay cool as well.

  5. Thanks for the good laugh! My niece lives in Snohomish and texted me that there was a heat advisory. 88 degrees!!
    I could share with you some of our 100*

    • Woof, it does indeed get hotter over in that part of Washington. Folks here would just keel over and die in 88 degrees, I’m sure of it. So I think I’ll pass on sharing your 100 degrees, Cathy — I remember it plenty well enough without having to experience it again!

  6. Must be those Dog Days of summer in the NW. The image of “a jar full of frozen squid tentacles” just made my taste bubs sore, hope they come back. Then the picture of squid tentacles draped across a sweaty brow was to much, can you see it. sitting in the shade next to the Pickleball Court, soft white towel draped on the knees, heads back, squids covering the faces of the players. That my friend is picture to remember, “The day we cooled it with ice cold squid tentacles”, and then played on.
    Serve up!……….

    • In all honesty, David, on that burning hot 76-degree day, our pickleball opponents would have been thrilled with a face full of iced squid tentacles. I feel sure of it.

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