The Limelight

After months (two) of rehearsals, the big night was finally upon us. Show time. I gathered up my props,

drill and hard hat

shimmied into my costume


and made a beeline for the clubhouse.

We were the first scheduled performers in the Cape George Revue, the opening act. Although I’d heard whispers about the Drill Team being kind of overdone — this is year five for the Revue and each one has begun with a Drill Team routine — someone else likened it to carrying the Olympic torch. Because as it is with the ever anticipated ceremonial torch, no one is surprised about the Drill Team. Everyone knows we’ll march out at the beginning of the show; everyone knows we’ll have electric drills with shiny twirlies.

And you know what? Traditions are important. Essential, really, as far as giving people a sense of well being. There are enough surprises in life, many of them frightening and unwelcome. The Drill Team provides the Revue’s audience members a service, when you get right down to it. Something to depend on, like sticking a piece of bread in the toaster knowing you’ll ultimately end up with toast. We were to be the audience’s toast.

At least that’s what I kept telling myself during the months (two) of rehearsals.

We silently queued up in the darkened kitchen, my position being third in line for the march into the ballroom, third from the right in the back row on stage. At seven o’clock sharp the ballroom lights dimmed, the emcee announced us, the drumming began.

If you’d like to see for yourself, click here.

The Rockettes, we ain’t. Still, that’s not stopping us from participating in the upcoming Rhody Parade, part of an annual celebration of the multi-hued Rhododendrons seen all around town this time of year. Although we won’t be performing our now [in]famous dance number, we will be marching the one-mile parade route — left, right, left, right, left — while simultaneously lifting our drills up, then out, then up, then out again. We rehearse once more tomorrow night.

They’re predicting a 40% chance of rain parade day. Probably there’s about a 50% chance the Drill Team will stay in step the entire mile. If we beat either of those odds? I predict a 100% chance of jubilant celebration.


16 thoughts on “The Limelight

  1. Vegas here you come! What a great drill team, you really put a twist in your act. Nice to know your batteries still last.
    Great show and nice to see you stretching out in the community.

    Judy thinks that much more fun than having a JOB!

    Well plug yourself in and recharge for the parade, march on!

    • Judy has a very valid point. Tell her to grab a hard hat, find a willing group of other highly talented (ahem) women and get the show on the road!

  2. Wow, Jo! Two long months of rehearsal paid off. You ladies were awesome! The ultimate drill team! I think you should all make a calendar for 2015. Just a thought….

    • A calendar! Debbie, I swear you’re a genius. I’ll bring it up at our next rehearsal (because there’s ALWAYS a next rehearsal).

  3. If that doesn’t stimulate the ole brain, then I don’t know what will! How much fun! Perfect music, perfect costumes, perfect performance!

    • Thanks Tria, but “perfect” is a tad strong — although indeed a nice sentiment. We called ourselves the “imprecision team” during rehearsals, actually. Has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

  4. That was a great show. I guess you will be off to Vegas next. It looks like y’all have a great time up there. Douglas

    • You’re a hoot, N. I could’ve used my Witte sister up there bumbling through it with me, that’s for certain.

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