Dancing Queen

Because I seem unable to form the word “no” anymore, I was recently recruited to be part of the Drill Team — a chorus line dance ensemble — at the upcoming Cape George Revue. Cape George, by the way, is my neighborhood. The Revue is its annual variety show. And the Drill Team uses — get this — actual electric drills as props. Who would have imagined that?

Yeah, I know. Pretty much everybody. Especially everybody who’s lived in Cape George for more than twelve months, it turns out, since the Drill Team always performs at the Revue. Different songs each year, happily, and different costumes…but always with drills.

Maybe I was enlisted because word has gotten out I don’t have a terribly full weekly schedule. While that is absolutely true, what the other Drill Team members are not aware of is that not only did they secure someone with ample time on her hands, as a bonus they’re getting a person with a background in professional dance. On an honest-to-goodness stage. With matching outfits and everything.

tap dancers

That’s me, on the far right. I was exactly as talented as I looked.

In fact, one year (because yes indeedy, I tapped my way to stardom several years in a row!), despite an instruction from the choreographer to STAY IN UNISON even if you know in your heart of hearts the other girls lost step with the accompanying piano score, I rebelled. Thing is, I was born with rhythm. Deep, deep in my soul. I wasn’t about to shuffle-ball-change on beat number 6 when I knew darn well it was supposed to happen two pulses earlier. No sirree. I clicked and clacked to my own inner drummer at that recital and was darned proud of myself for doing so. Never mind that at the end of the song I was headed stage left while the rest of the tappers remained smack in the center.

It was pure serendipity that the Cape George Drill Team found me, don’t you think?

There’s a down side to being chosen for the Drill Team, however, one I wasn’t aware of when the words “Sure I’d love to join” shot out of my mouth too fast to cram them back in: rehearsals are scheduled every Sunday for two solid months. Apparently, it takes a whole lot of dance sessions to memorize the steps (and drill moves) to Shania Twain’s ‘Man! I Feel Like A Woman.’

I made it to the first rehearsal a week ago, right on time, drill in hand. We learned the moves for half the song in the 1-1/2 hour stint that had been set aside, after which the team leader announced she’d be out of town for this week’s session and thus would not be here to teach us the steps (and drill moves) for the remainder of the tune. Still, we were instructed to meet at the clubhouse as planned to practice what we’d learned so far.

I didn’t go. Not out of disrespect for the process, certainly, nor because I underestimate the importance of utmost perfection come Revue time. To be the creme de la creme at neighborhood variety shows, practice is essential. At least for the amateurs in the group.

Yet I’m no amateur. Not only do I have experience performing for an audience, I have experience performing for an audience while carrying a prop.

baton twirlers

Theater, you see, is in my blood.


20 thoughts on “Dancing Queen

  1. Priceless! I love the head gear even more than the outfits. I had no idea you were so talented. And to think you’ve been hiding this from us all this time! BTW…love the bangs!

    • And I even left out the one with my gold sequined top hat! I didn’t want anybody to get too terribly starstruck, you know. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. I’ll tell you what though, that gold hat combined with the stylish bangs? Wow.

  2. You are soooo cute! Now we are all going to want to see a VIDEO of the drill team. I am staying tuned! FYI: We had a low of 21 degrees (my neighbor said it was 18 degrees) up here on the Rim on Sunday night. So long plums, peaches, pears, chard, etc etc. etc!! I cannot imagine how cold it got in your valley.

    • I’ll do it! I may not WANT to do it once I see the video for myself, Betty, but I figure if I can make a spectacle of myself as a young dancing star, I might as well follow through in adulthood. Erg, but sorry about your fruit trees and gardens. You’ve had one nasty winter, that’s for certain.

  3. I agree with Tria — post the video!!! And, we SURE miss your tomatoes. My BLT has been nothing but BLC (cardboard) since you and John retired!

    • The video will indeed come — as frightening as that is for me! And oof, sorry to hear abet the BLCs. I hate BLCs.

    • Well, almost. I’ll let you in on a little secret — I was terrified of that baton. I thought sure I’d loose my grip and be beaned to death by it. Every time I twirled, my life flashed before my eyes.

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