It’s June

While we await our move to the new house (soon…very soon) we’ve been taking advantage of our access to the community gym and indoor lap pool just down the hill from our future abode. It’s a little weird for us, since we’ve never been gym people. For the past many years, our exercise regimen consisted of walking hither and yon on the farm every day. Treadmills, stationary recumbent bikes, rowing machines and stair steppers are new to both of us and while I wouldn’t say they’re “fun,” we at least feel like we’re doing some good for ourselves by walking, pedaling, rowing and stepping on them.

We do have a bit of an ulterior motive, however, above and beyond bodybuilding our way to becoming the new Mr. and Ms. Charles Atlas: going to the gym is a handy excuse for driving over to the new neighborhood. This past Saturday morning offered even more of a reward for huffing and puffing up mechanically-generated inclines, in that the previous owner (and current renter) of our house was moving a truckload of boxes to her new home in Seattle and was kind enough to allow us to barge in and eat our picnic lunch on the deck while she was gone.


I suspect the adult beverage we each enjoyed afterwards wouldn’t normally be considered part of a balanced workout discipline but hey, it was a beautiful afternoon. One that begged for beer.

That evening, thick clouds rolled in. There’s nothing unusual about this. In the course of one day, we can get clouds, then rain, then sunshine, then clouds, then drizzle, then sunshine again followed by rain. And by “rain” I mean not really rain, at least not in the sense we’re accustomed to.

On a recent schizophrenic weather day, John and I were leaving the local electric company’s office just as another customer came inside exclaiming, “Wow, it’s really coming DOWN!”

Obviously, that person has never lived in Texas. While we did cover our heads with our hoodies on the walk to the car, we drove off with the windshield wipers set at intermittent. I don’t know that we’ve ever needed them ramped up all the way to “On” more than a half hour total — and I’m talking an accumulated 30 minutes, not all at the same time — since we’ve been here.

The clouds do cool it off, though. We decided to walk to a restaurant for dinner Saturday night and I considered wearing my leather jacket. John scoffed. (We’re trying to behave more like hardy Northwesterners who don short sleeves at 55 degrees rather than the thin-skinned Texans we still are, who begin to get a chill when the temperature drops below 68.) I compromised by wearing a cardigan sweater instead.

After dinner we walked out to the pier to watch some sailboats taking off. I was cold, wishing I’d gone with my first instinct and worn the leather coat. Then it hit me.

“It’s June!” I cried, stunned at the sudden realization.

June. And I was pining for my coat. I couldn’t stop saying it — “It’s June!” — all the way back to the house. “It’s June! It’s JUNE!”


I wasn’t pleased.

The following day, we found out from our neighbor who’s lived in Port Townsend for 30-some years that the locals call this month ‘June-uary.’ As further explanation, he said, “You remember how it was last week, when it was in the low 50’s a few days? That’s why we call it June-uary!”

I refrained from pointing out that last week was still May.

We’d already heard from other folks that June in Western Washington does tend to be rather bleak, but I’m beginning to doubt them all now. Today the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the long-term forecast is for more of the same with temperatures hovering around 70 degrees. Personally, I’m still not ready to pull out the sleeveless t-shirts and shorts, but I sure don’t mind the idea of not worrying about leaving our jackets in the closet.


Yet come to think of it, judging from our experience with the weather here so far, I should probably keep in mind that anything could happen. After all, last week has passed. June-uary is just beginning.


10 thoughts on “It’s June

  1. Enjoy, Jo!!! It’s supposed to get up to 95 here today. I love the idea of needing a jacket in June-uary! I hope you have an amazingly mild summer. And I cannot wait to see some pics of autumn up there!

    Joe and I went to Rockport, TX on Memorial Day weekend. The breeze was so wonderful, it never felt very hot. We went on an evening sunset cruise and watched dolphins in the wild play in the wake of our boat. Then the sunset took our breaths away. A bit of heaven!!!

    Thank you for continuing to write your blog. I love hearing what you’re up to. I hope you get to move in really, really soon! The view from your new deck is beyond amazing!!

    • Oh your Rockport trip sounds heavenly indeed! I love that place, and I’m glad to hear you and Joe had such a wonderful time. As for our move, we’ll begin shuttling stuff into our new place tomorrow — we can’t wait. And it appears June-uary is going to cooperate beautifully, with the weekend forecast in the low 70’s. Now that’s my kind of June-uary!

    • Thanks Karen. We’re so excited about the prospect of enjoying that view every day (at least when it’s not TOO cloudy). We’ll start moving into the new house this weekend, hooray hooray hooray!

  2. Good reading!!!! Is the picture of John with the house with a water background your home????

    We are having Good old Texas summer weather, 90’s + daytime and 70’s nite. No Rain for such a long time!!!

    Nothing exciting much here, Since I have a view of Lake Travis from my deck, cannot see any water. All that will help us is a hurricane from the gulf this fall. But who knows what mother nature will do. This week, I am dog sitting for a friend while they are vacationing. She is a 7 year old dauchaund name Ginger and she looks like that too and a precious pet to have.

    Sure miss your organic vegetables you always had in Jonestown. you all did such a good job displaying all the goodies. But find some around now and then. Still try eat organic as much as possible to stay healthy. I planted some lettuce , onions, tomatoes,and some okra./// . I enjoy planting seeds and watch them come up and then being able to gather them for a salad now and then.

    Hope you get to move into your new home soon. You will get used to the climate in the Northwest !!!!!

    ENJOY!!! ENJOY!!!!!

    • The photo of the view of the water is indeed from the deck of our new house, but the picture of John is in front of the house we’re renting right now. That’s soon to change, however, as we’ll start moving into our new house this weekend. Yay!

      Happy dog-sitting to you Mary! And have fun with those vegetable plants — growing them AND eating them. There’s nothing better!

  3. Jo:

    I love reading your updates. Keep them coming! I still really miss your zephyr squash and radishes. The ones we get now are so puny and bug-eaten. How did you do it?!?! Was every radish perfect or did you just eat all the blemished ones yourselves?

    Anyway, we are so happy for you in your adventures. I hope the people who bought your farm decide to grow what you did and pick up your model. They have the market just waiting for them. J

    Best to you and John,


    • Hi Christina! Oh my no…every radish was most certainly NOT perfect. The pretty ones went to market; the uglies get eaten by all the farmers. We have our fingers crossed for the new owners — I know they’re enthusiastic. They’ll be starting off small, which is smart, but hopefully it won’t be too terribly long before produce starts coming from that farm again.

      Thanks for the note — it’s really great to hear from you!

  4. Thanks for keeping us “abreast” of your Port Townsend adventures, Jo. Wondered if you’ve discovered NatureBridge Resort and hurricane ridge yet. I was up there in July last year for a wedding, held at NatureBridge, outside right on the crystal clear lake. It was chilly with the wind blowing off the water and snow still evident on the mountains in the background but such beauty I’ve never seen. We picnicked and hiked from Hurricane Ridge, seeing lots of wildlife, etc. Thankfully no black bears close up. A troupe of deer followed me as I snacked on peanuts and accidentally dropped a few along the way. Was a big surprise when I discovered them enjoying my carelessness.

    Hope you move goes well. Miss you but glad for your new adventure.


    • Hi Bonnie! We haven’t made it to Hurricane Ridge yet, but it’s definitely on top of our to-do list. We’ve just begun moving into our new house so that’s going to take up our time for a while…but as soon as we can get back out to explore again, you can bet we will! I love your deer story. You made them very, very happy. Thanks for the note, and we hope all’s well with you!

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