Thanks for stopping by! I haven’t begun blogging at this site quite yet, but intend to get started on it in February 2013, if you’d like to check back at that time. Or if you want to follow along, please click the link on the right side of this page and you’ll be notified as soon as things get rolling. I’d love for you come with me!

See you soon…


16 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Dear Jo and John,
    I wish you a wonderful future. I must admit I cried when I read your post. Too bad I have lived in Lampasas these past few years, and couldn’t attend the Farmstand. I certainly enjoyed and appreciated it when I lived in Austin!
    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Norma. I always enjoyed seeing you at the stand when you were here — I was sorry when you moved away! We wish you all the best, as well. Keep loving that small town life.

  2. The very best to you both in your next endeavors!
    I’m stepping into my next endeavors as well!
    I have so enjoyed the perfection of your produce–only the best will do, right?
    Mary Lou
    Cedar Park

    • We wish you the very best as well, Mary Lou. Looks like we’re both going into the retirement business at the same time!

  3. Hi Friends,

    Best wishes in your next adventure! Your vegetable stand will be missed in our community. I have always enjoyed driving to Jonestone to visit your stand to get vegetables on Saturdays. Your displays are always so beautiful and bring back many sweet memories of the vegetables that both sets of grandparents used to grow back in Virginia. God bless you and I look forward to staying in touch via your new blog.
    Take care, Cindy Beyeler

    • Thank you Cindy! We always enjoyed seeing you when you stopped by the stand. Yes, please do continue to keep in touch.

  4. While we are sorry to see your Wednesday stand end, we wish you the best as you move on to other things. My favorite produce item — actually favorite food — is any homegrown tomato — and you had the absolute best!! We especially loved the Dona variety, but all were flavorful and actually vine-ripened! You will be missed!

  5. Want to continue getting your blogs, Jo, and am sad for me but happy for you and John and your new endeavor. I’ve learned about and eaten veggies I’d never had or even heard about before you & thanks to your recepies, even learned how to prepare! You have been a joy and a blessing in my life and I will always “Thank my God for every rememberance of you”. I wish you both all life’s best. You’ll be sorely missed.:'(

    • Oh we’ll miss you too Bonnie. We’ve known you through the farm stand for a good long time. Please keep in touch, okay?

    • Ha ha! I remember seeing slugs in Oregon years ago when John and I went hiking there. We’re going to be thrilled not to have to worry about all the nasty insects that come with farming in Texas — but we will indeed have these garden intruders up in the Pacific Northwest. Should be a new adventure, right? Or that’s how we’re going to have to look at it, anyway…

    • Thanks Tom! Actually, Orcas Island is our favorite and it’s the one with a “Mount” on it — Mount Constitution. Mount Baker it ain’t…but it does have an old tower at the apex and you can climb the stairs to the top of that. John did it. Shockingly, I skipped that part.

  6. Dear Jo and John,

    I have not met you or seen your Leander farm, but my heart belongs in the Pacific Northwest, too. My husband and I live in Great Hills, in Austin, but we travel NW a couple of times a year. We just returned from Orcas Isand last month. We have stays on San Juan, Orcas and Lopez now. We would love to retire up there, too. But I have children (and 5 grandchildren) here and two sets of parent to care for. How do we leave here? Last July 4th, we took the two children and spouses, and 5 grandchildren to Lopez and rented a house on open ocean with the back facing Fisherman Bay. OH, what fun to have all of us in one house!!! I keep says I want to move there, but only if I can bring my grandkids, too. They say, even the most wonderful place can be lonely if you don’t have family to share it with.

    My husband is an environment attorney and I am a licensed (but not practicing) real estate agent. Mostly I garden, work in the pond (with fish) and make stained glass and mosaic. We have been trying to figure a way to make a living on the “islands”. By the way, we have never had to wait 2 hours for a ferry. Maybe we’ve just been lucky.

    Anyway would love to keep in touch with you to see where you end up. OH, I also walk the beaches and collect sea glass. Port Townsend has a great glass beach. Maybe I should change to making sea glass jewelry.

    Take care,

    Karen Wilburn

    • Oh you are a woman after my own heart. Sounds like we love the same thing — the San Juan Islands are truly incredible. Interesting that you’ve never had to wait two hours for the ferry. Still, we figure if we end up in Port Townsend, at least we’ll be close to Orcas Island. It’ll be a whole lot easier to visit from there than to fly from Texas! And sea glass jewelry sounds grand. We didn’t realize there’s a glass beach up there — those are fascinating. Next time we visit we’ll definitely check that out. Thank you for following along and yes, please keep in touch.

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